Thursday, November 17, 2016

First They Came For The Muslims...

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Many of us in non-white America were shocked, angered and dismayed by the election of a grossly unqualified man who was endorsed by white supremacists, has one as his advisor, and stoked racist hatred and fear during his reprehensible campaign that has continued past the November 8 election

It's eerie the similarities between Germany 1933 and America 2016, and while reading the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller and reflecting on them, ,I came up with this remix of his words from the perspective of a Trump voter who doesn't realize as of yet how badly they screwed themselves this nation and possibly the planet.
First they came for the Muslims, and I said nothing because deep down the Republicans were doing what I wanted and voted for them to do.

Then they came for the immigrants, and I cheered because I don't like the immigrants that are taking jobs from me.

Then they came for the transgender people, and I was happy because I believe they are confused, need help and are rebelling against God.
Then they came for the n*****s and Mexicans, and I was happy because I think they've gotten too many special rights and I wanted them to be put back in their place.
They came for the liberals, and I cheered because they are unpatriotic and what's wrong with America.
They came for the atheists and nonbelievers, and I cheered because there is no place for them in our Christian nation.
Then they came for me, and I was shocked because I'm not one of those groups of people who deserved to suffer. I voted to Make America Great Again for working class white people..
But I fell for the lies, and now there's no one left to help me because I turned a blind eye to and cheered the oppression of fellow Americans. .

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