Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TransTech's First Orientation

There have been some amazing things going on in Trans World lately, and what transpired in Chicago on Sunday is just the latest example. 

TransTech Social Enterprises (TTSE), announced the launch of their tech ­focused training and apprenticeship program for the LGBT community with a focus on trans identified individuals.

The Trans Tech leadership team is Founding Executive Director/CEO Angelica Ross, Board President Precious Davis and Communications and Operations Director Joey Grant

The TTSE venture will have two components: the Training Academy with workshops focusing on professional development and the TransTech Apprenticeship Program which is a creative design firm that offers a graphic design and web development apprenticeship.

"At TransTech, our programs aim to equip people with a technical skill set for survival," says CEO Angelica Ross. " We start with entry level skills and build on those to increase an individuals experience and proficiency in an increasingly technological job market."

This past Sunday TransTech hosted a free orientation at the Center on Halsted to introduce their program to the local community.  The orientation simulated a model workshop following their TTSE signature e3 structure of empowerment, education, and employment for the 40 people who signed up to attend and learn more about it. .

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