Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Days Until The Election

Well people, it's 100 days until the critical November 4 midterm election happens across the country, and the clock is ticking.

Control of the US House and the US Senate is on the line along with various state legislatures.  

In the Lone Star State we have a US Senate race in addition to the nationally watched governors and lieutenant governor's races.  

After 20 years of GOP misrule, I want nice things for my home state.  For that to happen, that means Wendy Davis needs to become my governor and Leticia Van de Putte needs to become my lieutenant governor   

Bottom line is for those of you in Texas, if you aren't registered to vote, you have 71 more days to do so before the deadline to be eligible to vote in this election.

If you don't live in Texas and aren't registered to vote, this is also your hint from Moni to get busy doing so before the registration deadline in your locale

And I expect the campaign commercials will start ramping up soon, but even more so after Labor Day. 

I don't have to tell you what you'll need to do on November 4, but I will for the next 100 days be on your behinds gently reminding you of the stakes of this election, what it means for trans kind and the communities we intersect and interact with, and imploring that you get prepared to use your valuable time to exercise your constitutional rights to choose your elected officials. 

And to end this, you can't get liberal-progressive policies from conservative leaning politicians who hate government.

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