Monday, July 21, 2014

POTUS To Sign Exec Orders Banning TBLG Workplace Discrimination Today

Happening in mere moments from the White House will be President Obama signing two executive orders 11246 and 11478 that ban workplace discrimination in federal contracting for LGBT employees and federal workplace discrimination against transgender ones

Glad that Mia Macy is in the house to witness it along with Faith Cheltenham and Kylar Broadus..  I'll find out later who else was at the White House to watch that history happen.   Her Macy vs Holder EEOC case has opened the doors for us to be able to go to the EEOC to fight anti-trans discrimination.

Once President Obama signs the new executive orders, TBLG employees who work for federal contractors will be protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. In addition, bias against federal employees based on gender identity will be prohibited.

Sexual orientation been protected from bias discrimination since President Clinton’s signed his executive order doing so in 1998.   It was past time it happened for the trans community.

TransGriot Note:  When the video is posted on White for the ceremony, I'll update the post.

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