Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy 147th Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day to all my readers above the 49th parallel.    You are one year closer to your 150th birthday in 2017 and hopefully you'll have a new prime minister by that time too if the October 2015 federal elections go the right way.

One of the things I was not happy about was the Senate not only stalling progress on C-279, but bouncing out of Ottawa for their summer break once again before doing the correct human rights thing and passing the Trans Rights Law.

And sadly, with a federal election on the horizon, I fear more of the same stonewalling as well.  

However, there is some positive movement for trans issues in Canada.   Trans folks in Saskatchewan and making moves to push their province toward joining Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Northwest Territories in adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their provincial non-discrimination laws.   The Vancouver School Board just passed a trans inclusive policy.

Moving on to other subject, glad that on this Canada Day my Timmy's IceCapp drinking homegirl has recovered from the health challenge she was battling last year .  I'm waiting for her to unleash her usual pro Canada Day post.

And no Renee, even with you having a milestone birthday coming up in a few days, there will be no territorial swaps accepted for Alberta unless y'all take Justin Bieber and Ted Cruz back as a negotiation starting point.

I have enough off the chains conservafools on my side of the border to deal with

I also want to take this time to thank you north of the border readers for your love, support and suggested Canadian themed topics.  The all-Canadian Shut Up Fool is a great idea and I will look at doing it for Labour Day and Canadian Thanksgiving in October.   Will just need y'all to nnominate the deserving maple leaf flag waving fools for it

Happy Canada Day!   As Canadian TransGriot readers take the time to celebrate it, have fun and be safe. 

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