Friday, July 04, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes and News-July 4

Now that the faith-based haters have made their latest move to hate on the month old Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, it's time for me to do regular updates on the blog again of all the news and issues surrounding  the HERO.  

I'm still getting a lot of questions as I travel the nation about our HERO, and that's part of what's driving this decision to once again create a post consolidating all the HERO related news and my commentary about it in one spot.   

The big news yesterday was the anti-HERO haters 3 PM CDT press conference in which they turned in their alleged 50,000 signatures to the City Secretary's office and claimed they verified 30,000 of them..

Yeah right.  We'll see in 30 days.  I received a copy of an e-mail in which you urged your hate pastors to pump up the petition in their sermons and get signatures in your June 29 Sunday services.

It was also interesting to note that just nine days ago (June 24) , according to our intel sources, the haters only had 8100 signatures.  So how did that morph to 50K in 9 days?   I'm also aware of the fact you haters hired an outside firm to boost your flagging signature collection effort in addition to one of your repeal petition signature takers getting busted committing election fraud while doing so.  

Meanwhile over at the City Hall annex across the street Dave Welch was getting Rev. Max Miller to do his dirty work for him and be the useful fool fronting the anti-HERO effort. 

Had to laugh when he claimed at their anti-HERO press conference he and his little cadre of hate ministers aren't anti-gay because they have gay family members.

Um, yes you are.   You are a homophobe when you are pushing a repeal effort that would take human rights coverage away from your gay relatives and the other 14 categories of Houstonians protected by HERO at the behest of right wing conservatives.

You also earned an SUF nomination for your repeated violations of Exodus 20:16 yesterday.

I also noticed that Rev. Kendall Baker was in the house, but nowhere to be seen in the photo ops.  What, was he the man cruising women's restrooms y'all falsely claimed to have four instances of occurring since the May 28 HERO passage?    Police reports proving it, please since y'all faith based haters have a proven propensity for prevarication.

And yeah, no Houston bakers have reported being forced to make Steve Riggle's swastika cakes. 

Max, one other thing I have to say before I move on.   If you're shamelessly christopimping for conservative white people a repeal effort that rolls back the human rights of everyone in Houston, you and your friends in the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity are bigots and even worse, cookie chomping sellouts to our people who are survey says, protected by the HERO.

Another question I have.  If y'all have so much support to repeal HERO, why is it when you faith-based haters have events, nobody shows up for them, or you have to bus them in from The Woodlands and Grace KKKommunity church? 

Those gross violations of Exodus 20:16 and several other commandments were countered at the HERO press conference Mayor Annise Parker held in the City Hall rotunda.   An enthusiastic Team HERO was there in full effect to hear our mayor bust lies and point out that the Houston we know and love doesn't discriminate.

"I have every expectation that this petition drive will be defeated, if they have sufficient signatures, in November, then we will have shown that Houston does not support discrimination.  I have every expectation that this is an ordinance that will live in Houston for many years to come and make Houston a better place in which to live."
--Mayor Annise Parker

All eyes in H-town will be turned to the City Secretary's office this month.  We'll find out if Max, Dave and the gang were selling woof tickets (which I suspect) about their petitions.   If they have enough signatures to force a vote, we are prepared and confident that once we lay out the facts about the HERO and debunk the lies, we will win.    

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