Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes And News-July 30

In our latest update of HERO news, Dave Welch of the Houston Area Pastors Haters Council is in this one.

Welch is one of our longtime inside Beltway 8 human rights oppressors who cut his repressive teeth with Ralph Reed and the Not So Christian Coalition.  It's why he got the stank eye and call out from me during that HMS-TV debate a few weeks ago.

Seems like King Hater in a recent update to his faith based hatemongers has called for “imprecatory prayers” as the deadline to count the HERO repeal petitions deadline approaches. 

So what's an imprecatory prayer?   It's one in which you pray for vile and evil things to happen to your opponents and the destruction of institutions that you perceive as wicked.  

And y'all wonder why I call Welch King Hater.  Probably need to photoshop a '666' on his forehead in any future photos of him.   Whether the misguided Mr Welch and his faith based bigots actually wants negative things to happen to all of us fighting to defend the ordinance is subject to debate, but as the late Maya Angelou stated, if somebody shows you who they are the first time, believe them.

HERO opponents deliver petitionsHim parting his lips to ask for imprecatory prayers, being obsessively focused on the sex lives of gay people and obsessed about where we transfolks go potty are signs the man need Jesus and a good psychotherapist.

It's also dangerous when a so called religious leader makes such a dark, chilling and irresponsible call and proves his side and supporters are anything but Christian.   History is also chock full of examples of disturbed people who heed the calls by hate preachers like Welch that subsequently do violently horrible things in the twisted belief they were carrying out God’s will.

Moving on to a more positive subject besides King Hater. .    Let's talk about the HERO recall petitions. 

Photo: The full version of me with Miya Shay and Doug Miller.  Courtesy of Brad PritchettWith the August 4 deadline to verify the petitions rapidly approaching,  the HERO website went online publishing the names of all the peeps who signed the repeal petitions which are a convoluted mess according to a recent OutSmart magazine article. . 

The HERO haters claimed they gathered 50,000 names and certified 30,000, to which we called bull feces.  Team HERO has subsequently had 80 trained people in a crowdsourcing effort to verify whether or not Max Miller and company were sellin' woof tickets back on July 3

The question concerning whether or not the HERO haters gathered enough signatures to place it on the ballot (17,269) is also being asked by our local media. 

The other interesting development happened at yesterday's city council meeting.   Mike Craig and Noel Freeman testified at that meeting it appears that the HERO haters didn't turn in enough signatures.


We'll know for certain if that is true when City Secretary Anna Russell and City Attorney Dave Feldman deliver their reports after the August 4 verification deadline.  If it's true, I'll do another happy dance and have a nice bottle of champagne chilling in the refrigerator that will be uncorked in celebration

We also have several meetings of interest coming up as the calendar page flips from July to August.

On July 31 will be the What Is Sisterhood one being held at the Montrose Center at  7 PM moderated by Dee Dee Watters.   On August 2 will be another HERO Strategy Meeting at Legacy starting at 12 Noon.  The Forward Times Town hall will happen on the critical August 4 deadline day also at 7 PM.

The struggle to keep the HERO continues.

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