Monday, July 21, 2014

HERO Civil Rights Strategy Meeting Thursday

On Thursday July 24 there will be a HERO Civil Rights Strategy Meeting held at Resurrection MCC Church starting at 7 PM.

One of the things i and many other people in Houston trans and SGL world have been pissed off about are not only the cadre of sellout ministers bearing false witness against the trans community, but the erasure of Black LGBT people from the HERO conversation as if we don't exist. 

Some of the topics that will be discussed is the history behind the HERO, the 15 classes the nearly two month old ordinance covers, what we need to do to counter the lies of Max Miller and his sellout ministers, blowing up the anti-transgender lies,  and coalition building and coming to the table in a community with a leadership diversity issue.

We'll also be discussing the upcoming August 4 Forward Times HERO forum.

This is just the first of many strategy meetings the Houston SGL and trans community will schedule, and it would be nice if people do show up for it. 

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