Friday, July 25, 2014

Say Hello To Andreja!

So it will be interesting to see in 2012 how Andrej Pejic tops this and what other interesting developments happen in Pejic's life gender wise..
--TransGriot, January 15, 2012,  Andrej Pejic Does Bra Ad.

There has been an interesting development and major change in androgyne supermodel Andreja Pejic's life recently.  

Nope, that's not a typo. As many of us in Trans World had an inkling would probably happen after the Bosnian born Aussie first burst into the fashion world's consciousness by doing androgynous fabulousness while ripping the worlds fashion runways, the 22 year old Pejic on Wednesday came out as trans and revealed she has undergone SRS.

Pejic also revealed she recently changed her name in addition to releasing a statement that from now on she would only exclusively model women's clothes.   She also noted in the statement she is receiving support from her modeling agency, friends and family.

She also conducted an interview with GLAAD published on that discussed her transition. 

Andreja also had this to say in a message on her Facebook page directed at trans youth.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the love and support throughout the years. You've all helped me through this journey and I have learned a lot and really come into my own and the response to today’s announcement truly overwhelmed me and reminds me of why I chose to do this publicly.

I think we all evolve as we get older and that's normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn't made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex

I hope you can all understand that.

I would also like to to reach out to all young gender non-conforming youth out there: I know it's hard, I've been there, but remember it’s your right to be accepted as what you identify with---you deserve the same respect as any other human being on this planet. As a transgender woman I hope to show that after transition (a life-saving process) one can be happy and successful in their new chapter without having to alienate their past. Most importantly differences should not equal divisions, let's all stand together in union." ‪#‎betruebeyou‬


Welcome to the trans fam Andreja!  

Glad you're a girl like us and you are officially joining the long and increasingly stylish line of trans models.   Fashion Week should be quite interesting in September.

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