Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tracey Update

Tracey WilsonA few months ago I wrote about Tracey Wilson, the trans kid in Vancouver whose parents filed a human rights complaint with the BC Human Rights tribunal when her Catholic school refused to recognize her femininity, refused to authorize a name change, let her use the female restroom or allow Tracey to wear the girls school uniform while claiming they didn't have a policy for it.

There's good news to report in Tracey's case

The human rights complaint filed by Tracey's parents on her behalf against the semi-private Catholic school and the Catholic Schools Vancouver has resulted in a new policy entitled the "CISVA Elementary School Policy regarding Gender Expression and Gender Dysphoria.”

“Where a request for accommodation is received on the basis of gender dysphoria or gender expression, the administrative staff should respond in a prompt and supportive manner, and in accordance with the principles outlined in this policy.”

The new CISVA policy states the student has the right to be addressed by their preferred name, even if they don’t legally change it.  School  records will be amended to reflect any changes.  Gender presentation appropriate school uniforms will be provided upon written request by the student's parent/guardian . 

“Upon receipt of a written request by a student’s parents/guardians in the attached form, a school shall provide an alternative uniform for that student, in designated school colours. The alternative uniform shall be determined in collaboration with the student’s parents and the school administration.”

So it looks as though it was a huge human rights win for not only Tracey, but every trans child who will go through the Vancouver Catholic school system.

Now if only the province of British Columbia will follow suit and protect the human rights of Tracey and all its trans citizens like five other provinces and the Northwest Territories have already done.

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