Saturday, July 12, 2014

Doing A Moni Me Time Weekend

Been a busy few months for me, and I'm feeling the need for some downtime to recharge the creative batteries.

So yep, it's past time to take the weekend off for some Moni Me Time. 

In addition to recharging the creative and personal batteries,  I need to prep for a seminar at the Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit on the Texas State campus in San Marcos August 8-9 and another one later this month at an upcoming  convention I'm in final confirmation stages for 

Once I confirm that upcoming East Coast panel discussion, I'll let y'all know when, where, and what time it happens.

If I get some breaking news, an inspired thought that leads to a post before Monday, you'll see me post it.   Otherwise the game plan is just to take a mini writing break and get back to doing my usual TransGriot writing schedule on Monday 

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