Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Help Addie Get To DC For Her Internship

Addie Vincent is one of our Left Coast girls like us who has earned an exciting opportunity to intern with the Victory Fund in our nation's capital

While I have my issues with the Victory Fund concerning their lack of endorsements for viable trans candidates, this is still an opportunity I'd love to see Addie have happen for her. 

She's trying to raise the funds to get there, and it's crunch time for her.   The internship starts in less than a week and she's only halfway to her goal of $900. 

Here's Addie:
I'm writing this because I need your help: I've been offered an exciting opportunity to intern with the Victory Fund, an amazing organization in DC that endorses queer and Trans candidates for office!! I hope to do wonderful things with them and create much needed change for our community, but I need help getting there!
The internship begins in just under a week, and I'm only halfway to my goal. There's a chance that if I don't get even close to my goal, I won't be able to afford going at all.

And that would be a shame if she can't take advantage of what this internship with the Victory Fund can do for her if lack of funds derails her from getting to Washington DC in the first place.

Here's the link to Addie's gofundme page.   Let's see if we can help her meet or exceed her modest goal of $900

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