Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Headed Back To H-Town From The Innovation Summit

Washington DC neighborhoodsThis was a short but nice trip to our nation's capitol for the first ever White House LGBT Innovation Summit in which I got to see some old friends, make some new ones get some more frequent flyer miles and get my learn on at the same time.

And staying in the Dupont Circle area was the bomb.  I found a 7-11 around the corner from the hotel and some large Slurpees got demolished while I was there.

I even took a moment before I headed to Washington National (I refuse to call it Reagan National) to visit Capitol Hill and Casa Ruby.

PhotoBut my time in DC has come to an end, and now here come the words my peeps in H-town like to see me write when I venture outside the Lone Star State on these trips:  I'm on my way back home.

I took notes and I'll definitely do a big recap post of the event, but right now I just want to get some sleep.

I'm also ready to get back to Hobby via Atlanta and destroy some Pappas barbecue as per my post-flight arrival tradition once I land.     

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