Monday, July 28, 2014

TBLG Youth Of Color Survey About LGBT Movement

The negative way some of my haters bump their gums about the subject, it's only Moni talking about and calling out the lack of intersectionality and diversity in the LGBT movement. 

Y'all can keep hatin' because I'm not going to stop talking about the subject until something is done to fix the problem.  

Besides I'm not the only person in Black trans, bi and SGL World complaining about the issue.  Other peeps who look like me inside and outside our community are talking about it, and you ignore this discussion at your political peril.

There was an interesting NewsOne discussion I was sent a link to by one of my regular readers about a recently compiled report by the Black Youth Project entitled  Moving Beyond Marriage: What LGBT Youth Of Color Think About The LGBT Movement

A survey of 1500 youth between the ages 18-30 was recently conducted during June 2014.  The BYP's main findings in the report are as follows:
  • More Black (80.2%) and Latino (74.9%) youth believe the marriage equality movement has taken too much attention  away from other important LGBT issues compared to white youth (64.0%).
  • More Black youth (58.0%) believe that LGBT issues in communities of color are not well-represented by mainstream LGBT organizations than Latino (45.9%) and white youth (42.7%).
  • More than a third (35.0%) of Black youth reported that HIV/AIDS is the single most important issue for LGBT organizations to address. Latino youth reported that bullying (20.1%) is the most important issue, while white youth (21.3%) reported that same-sex marriage is the most important issue.
  • Young people of color are more supportive of policies that would provide sensitivity training for police around transgender issues (77.8% and 73.2%, respectively) and require health insurers to provide coverage for transgender health issues (64.5% and 65.8%, respectively) than white youth (66.2% and 56.3%, respectively).

The NewsOne discussion about it facilitated by Roland S. Martin featured Jasmyne Cannick, Cleo Manago, and Terrance Laney of BlackYouth Project

This survey documents that Black and Latino LGBT youth have a very different perspective about what issues this LGBT movement should be focusing on. 

We'll see if anyone's paying attention  

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