Sunday, July 06, 2014

Air Marshal Taking Flight To DC Again

The Air Marshal (my old nickname in the trans human rights ranks) is going to be up at the crack of dawn headed to Hobby to make another trip to Washington DC via the ATL. 

Probably because this one is occurring on the backside of the 4th of July holiday weekend, I've have an interesting trip in store for me.   If I'm on schedule I should be airborne at 7 AM CDT enroute to the ATL.  I have a long 3 hour layover at Hartsfield-Jackson with my final destination being BWI-Thurgood Marshall    On the return leg back to Houston I leave out of DCA on the afternoon of the 8th and have another long 3 hour layover in Atlanta.    

I'm headed to our nation's capital for the inaugural LGBT Innovation Summit that's taking place at the White House complex tomorrow July 7 from 1-5 PM EDT.  There will be a reception immediately after that until 6:30 PM

So what's the LGBT Innovation Summit about? 
This event will bring together individuals who share a desire to tackle the major challenges faced by LGBT communities through new solutions using technology, partnerships, mentorship, media, networks, and creative, market-driven, scalable models. Attendees will engage with Obama Administration officials and national community leaders about current challenges, opportunities, and successful solutions. Attendees will be active participants throughout the day: sharing insights and observations during a group session, and collaborating and brainstorming in off-site workshops.

Since I am considered an LGBT innovator because of TransGriot and being an inaugural Trans*H4CK judge, I got the attention of the planning committee for this event and deeply appreciate the invite.   

So H-town and 'errbody' else, this a quick in and out trip inside I-495, so it's going to be tough for me to see everyone that would like to say howdy to me while I'm in Washington..

You might try hitting me up on my cell phone for those of you who have my number or swinging by my hotel Sunday evening for you inside the beltway residents trying to catch me. 

I guess peeps were paying attention on my last DC trip when Ruby Corado ensured she got her quality time with me in February by grabbing me at DCA and taking me back to the airport.   One person is already scooping me up at BWI to get her quality time in.

Looking forward to this latest trip to DC and seeing what happens at this inaugural LGBT Innovation Summit.  

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