Monday, July 28, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes And News- July 28

The HERO is two months old today! 

As of yet no Houston bakers have been forced to bake swastika cakes against their will, we haven't had an epidemic of crossdressing predators flooding Houston bathrooms, and neither have the other parade of horribles and lies espoused by our faith based haters have come to pass. 

And yeah HERO haters, if you don't like me calling you faith-based haters and human rights oppressors, stop acting like it.  

And for you Houston area Black folks bristling because I'm calling your asses out about your unbelievably stupid and jaw dropping opposition to a human rights ordinance that protects you, if you lie down with lying right wing dogs, don't get mad when their fleas bite you and I call you out for associating with them. 

Speaking of right wing liars, Dave Welch and his prevaricating preachers continue to claim that since the May 28 HERO passage, there have been four people caught in opposite gender bathrooms.

Yeah right.  Show me the police reports.  

The checking of HERO petitions continues, and another combined training and petition checking event was held last Saturday afternoon in which we had the pleasant surprise of our next governor, state Senator Wendy Davis visiting Resurrection MCC Church where it was held. 

Sen..Davis was in town to do a block walking event organized by state Rep. Alma Allen and stopped by to thank the volunteers for their efforts.

Deadline to have the petitions checked to determine if there are enough signatures to place HERO on the ballot is August 3 and the clock is ticking.  The visit of Sen. Davis also reminded us we are getting closer to our November 4 election day in the Lone Star State.  

Dee Dee WattersDee Dee Watters will be facilitating a sisterhood discussion at the Montrose Center on July 31 from 7-9 PM CDT.   The Transgendered Women of Color United for Change and the Legacy Community Health Services Positive Organizing Project cordially invites you to an important meeting that will include a panel of Trans women who will share about a wide range of topics including 'What is Sisterhood? Why Should Trans Women be Included?'

The Montrose Center is located at 401 Branard Street, Houston, TX 77006.  Light refreshments will be served. All women are welcome. Contact Venita Ray for more information at 713-299-6123 or

And Dee Dee, congratulations on capturing MSociety's Activist of the Year Award!.  Well deserved.

The struggle to protect the HERO continues

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