Thursday, July 03, 2014

Frenchy's 45th Anniversary!

You long time TransGriot readers may recall as part of a series of posts I was doing about my fave local chains when I was living in Da Ville at the time, I wrote one about the 40th anniversary of Houston's legendary local eateries in Frenchy's chicken.

It's five years later, I'm back in the Houston city limits happily scarfing it up,  and Frenchy's is celebrating its 45th anniversary today. 

It's probably a bittersweet one because one of the co-founders of it, Percy 'Frenchy' Creuzot passed away in June 2010.  

“The original” Frenchy’s Fried ChickenFrenchy's grew from a po-boy stand on Scott Street that Percy and Sallie Creuzot opened July 3, 1969 in the shadow of Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church and the nearby UH and TSU campuses to become the legendary Creole seasoned 'Taste That Lasts Forever'. 

It has had its ups and downs, but it is still here.  With Frenchy's now being run by Percy 'King' Creuzot III, it is poised to continue to grow deep into the 21st century.  

Frenchy's is marking this anniversary by giving every 45th customer a commemorative 'I Eat Frenchy's Chicken' t-shirt and donating 1% of all sales of the three piece Campus Special (my fave) to the United Negro College Fund.  

Kind of apropos since the original location is near an HBCU.

And even better, I think I'll help them celebrate their anniversary by taking a walk up the street to the new location they just opened near me and the soon to be opened METRORail Purple Line and grab a Campus Special.   Hopefully I time it just right so I'm one of the 45th customers of the day and get a shirt. 

Happy 45th anniversary Frenchy's.  May you have many more to come.

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