Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mayor Parker HERO Press Conference Today

Today is the deadline for the haters to turn in their petitions in their attempt to repeal the HERO.    Of course they will claim when they tell their story in front of the press they have enough signatures to force a November repeal referendum and their other usual pack of conservalies. 

It remains to be seen if the HERO haters do have the 17,500 signatures they need

Mayor Annise Parker will have a 3:45 PM press conference in the City Hall rotunda today.   Team HERO will be there in full effect clad in red.   We are also gearing up for the effort to count and verify every signature they turn in to make sure it it not an invalid or fraudulent one. 

I plan to be there for it, and I'm interested to hear Mayor Parker's thoughts concerning this phase of the HERO fight, the human rights ordinance passing its one month anniversary and whatever other issues are brought up during this press conference..

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