Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 9-Immigration Troll Immolation

Well, didn't take long for somebody to have a problem with my post smacking the racism and bigotry immigrants aim at African-Americans in their zeal to be more 'American'.

What I said is nothing new.   We African descended peeps have been talking about this inside the family for decades.   There's even an old Richard Pryor comedy routine in which he jokes about instructors in the refugee camps being set up for arriving Vietnamese refugees in the wake of the end of the Vietnam War teaching them how to say the n-word in rapid succession.

The Pryor joke however, touches on a subject that is a sore spot with many African Americans, one that I  expressed in the Immigrant Wake Up Call post.

Someone calling themselves Sammie had a problem with it and clearly didn't comprehend what I was talking about..

Why do you go after immigrant? I don't understand how you could be so ignorant as a transgender woman and south African national I don't understand why you would generalize us in a group while the woman in question on the above blog is really an adopted child who has known nothing about Africa other than growing up in this very Country.
I was a fan of your blog but as a transgender woman of African decent, I’m disgusted by your bias and bitter undertones of information you choose to share/empower women of color
Truly disappointed 

5...4...3...2...1 launch

This post about immgrants hatin' on African Americans is NOT a generalization as you characterized it in your comment.   Kola Boof has articulated the same points more than a few times online about how continental Africans disrespect us..   In college I verbally pimp slapped more than a few international students when they expressed opinions about African Americans that were grossly off the mark and rooted in stereotypes that white conservafools gleefully pimp.

Like many African Americans I'm tired of it.   My people are tired of it.    

And then there is akat's jacked up series of videos.   I don't care whether she's allegedly adopted or not, she claimed Ethiopian heritage, it doesn't excuse what she said, it was foul and damned skippy I'm going to call her out this BS.

I'm also going to at the same time verbalize my thoughts about the general pissy attitudes that immigrants, especially ones from the Mother Continent who should know fracking better, have toward African Americans. .

If you don't like it, tough.  In addition to being trans I'm also a proud African-American child of the Diaspora.   That loyalty to my people comes first before I even start discussing trans issues through my chocolate flavored perspective.

My trans status does not preclude me from speaking my mind about any issue that I see fit to comment on and you are always free to read another trans blog that won't talk about social justice issues from an Afrocentric perspective if you wish.

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke goes off.

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