Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Don't Just Talk About Trans Issues

One thing I can promise you dear reader is that you won't be disappointed. There will be times I'll make you laugh. Other times I'll touch your heart. Then there will be the occasional time or two when I piss you off. But my goal is to make you think and expose you to some of the drama that African-American transpeeps (and transpeople in general) deal with.    Monica Roberts  January 1, 2006

I wrote that in my first post five years ago.   It's true today and will be true as long as this blog is alive.

I have a lot more readers perusing this blog than I did when I started it, and let's get something straight right now to those of you who may not be used to my 'tell it like it T-I-S is' style.

I'm a transperson of African descent.    How I look at issues is reflected and filtered through an African-American perspective.   But trans issues are not the only thing I write about in this blog.   I also focus on current events, sports, pop culture, social justice, civil rights, politics or whatever I feel like pontificating on at the moment I compose that post.

What I have to say at that moment may not neatly line up with your thoughts on that matter, and if you have a problem with that, you are always welcome to peruse another blog that aligns with your point of view.

However, may I point out there aren't that many Black Weblog Award winning blogs written by African-American IFGE Trinity Award winning trans activists.

So if you continue to read this blog, you'll find I'm an equal opportunity offender.   Just as I write stuff you'll probably like and wholeheartedly agree with, there will be moments when I say stuff you won't like and will piss you off.   

But one of my goals is to get you to think about these issues.   If I'm not pissing you off at times I'm not doing my job as a writer.     

This is TransGriot.  My blog, my take on a wide range of issues.    While trans stuff will always take precedence here, I also pride myself on thinking about a wide range of issues beyond just 'all trans all the time'.  

So get used to it. 

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