Monday, February 14, 2011

Canada's Bill C-389 Update X-In The Senate

Bill C-389 has passed through the House of Commons, but is only halfway through its historic journey through the Canadian Parliament.

It is now making its way through a Conservative dominated Canadian Senate.

It had First Reading on February 10 and is scheduled for Second Reading tomorrow.    It must still get through committee and Second and Third readings votes before it becomes law or Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls a federal election, which some people think may happen sometime in March.

Canadian TransGriot readers, you still have time to call your Senators and urge that this law be passed.    The haters are already getting busy trying to kill it..   Egale Canada also has a draft letter on its website to Senators on their website you can use as a template to e-mail or fax to your senator.

All we can do in the States is cheer you on from our side of the border and pray for its passage.

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Mercedes said...

A correction to the update: the bill could be tabled as soon as Tuesday for second reading. That will depend on finding a Senator to proceed with it.