Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nizah Morris Case Update

Nizah Morris was a 47 year old Philadelphia transwoman who accepted a courtesy ride from the Philadelphia Police Department in 2002 and was later found with a fatal head wound.  

The circumstances around Nizah's death are still murky almost a decade later and the Philadelphia PD claimed in 2008 the Morris file had been lost.

Armed with 14 new members, the Philadelphia Police Advisory Commission is trying again to shed light on this case.  They are seeking information from the District Attorney's office, and have made it clear they are willing to go to court to get it..

One month ago the PAC gathered for a first time meeting in the TBLG community at the William Way LGBT Center.   They passed out copies of letters addressed to District Attorney R. Seth Williams and Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey, seeking more information on the Morris incident..

There was another PAC meeting held Monday in which Tim Cweik, a reporter for the Philadelphia Gay News was going to speak during the public comment phase of the hearing, but it was interrupted by a fire alarm in the Municipal Services Building .   Cwiek's comments about the Morris case were still heard by commission members according to the Groffoto blog.

Once again, what does the Philadelphia PD know about what happened to Nizah Morris, when did they know it, and if po-po's are involved, who did it?    

Inquiring minds in the Philadelphia and national trans community would like to know the answer to that still festering question.

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