Friday, March 19, 2010

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Showing Some Love To My Coogs Edition

It's March Madness, and while the Democrats scramble to get the votes necessary to pass health care legislation, the 2010 NCAA Men's and Women's tournaments get underway along with the NIT and WNIT.

My Coogs are playing Maryland later. Unfortunately my Lady Coogs season is over after dropping a tough game in Lubbock last night to the Texas Tech Lady Raiders 80-77 in their WNIT opener.

But congrats to both the Cougar men and women B-ballers. We UH alums and H-town are so proud of you.

And now, since it's Friday, let's continue the basketball theme and see who will exhibit championship level ignorance and stupidity to win this week's Shut Up Fool! Award.

As I mentioned, the health care debate is going on and this week's winner got it for attacking an 11 year old child who lost his mother due to lack of health care.

Marcelus Owens mother Tiffany died in June 2007 of pulmonary hypertension. It's a rare condition described as high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs that can lead to heart failure. It has no cure, but is treatable with consistent medical care that can cost up to $100,000 a year.

Owens was an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant when she became sick in September 2006. As she became sicker, she missed work and was eventually fired, leaving her without health insurance. She was treated twice in an emergency room and died at age 27 after a week of unconsciousness. His grandmother Gina Owens has custody of Marcelas and his two younger sisters.

His story has been championed by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) as more prima facie evidence as to why we need health care reformj now in this country.

But as usual the conservafools, led by Limbaugh and Beck went on the attack and the SUF winner got it for piling on.

Michelle Malkin wins for attacking 11 year old Marcelus Owens.

Malkin called him "one of Obama's youngest lobbyists" who has been "goaded by a left-wing activist grandmother," promoted by Murray and has become a regular on the "pro-Obamacare circuit."

Malkin also suggested there were other programs that could have helped Tiffany Owens , adding, "It's not clear that additional doctors' visits in the subsequent months would have prevented her death."

Gee Michelle, didn't know you were a medical doctor as well as a batshit crazy bully.

Michelle Malkin, shut the hell up fool!

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