Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moni's Coming To The ATL

Next week will be a busy one for the TransGriot. I not only have the upcoming event at SUNY-Oneonta, I've been invited to participate in a discussion at the 2010 National Black Herstory Conference in Atlanta as well.

The National Black Herstory Task Force, Inc. is an award winning nonprofit providing vehicles to chronicle and celebrate the lives of women of African descent and their alliances world wide.

As was expressed to me in the ongoing conversations I've had with Mozella Galloway, President and Co-Founder of the National Black Herstory Task Force, women of African descent includes transwomen as well.

I'm honored and proud to be taking part in this March 26 discussion. It will another opportunity to discuss trans issues in front of an audience composed primarily of African descended people.

The event is free and runs from 2-8 PM EDT on the Emory University campus.

The theme for this 13th Annual conference is “Empowering Our Communities: Self-Determined, Unified, Resourceful and Educated”. My panel discussion on 'The Basics of Gender Identity and Expression' will take place in the Whitehead Biomedical Auditorium.

The address is 615 Michael Street in the ATL, so if you wish to say hello to the TransGriot, this will be your chance to do so.

Looking forward to seeing you ATL peeps there.

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