Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

Today is the birthday of one of our iconic trans women, Alexandra Billings.

She's a multi talented singer, actress, teacher and fellow blogger. You can check out her site at Alexandra or her blog Stillettos and Sneakers to learn more about this talented lady.

I'm also looking forward to seeing her in the movie Stealth.

Happy birthday, Alexandra. You're looking good and expanding the minds and horizons of others. May you have many more.


Unknown said...

"We AREN'T Real Women. We are Trans Women. Period. You can talk yourself into anything you want. You can have all the surgery and all the signatures and all the laws in the land proclaim you to be Female, and that will never, ever change the fact that we are Transgender." -Alexandra Billings on how trans women aren't women and never will be.

Jackie said...

Yes, happy birthday to Alex. Monica, you and Alex are two amazing women. So glad to have you both in my life.

Hey Google, Transwomen are WOMEN. Believe me Alex knows that, she is one herself. And Monica is a woman for sure, Alex know that too.
Alexandra's statement is about honesty. She uses the word "real" because that's the word used to discriminate against being a Transwoman. How can you fight for rights as a Transgender women while denying it? Her point is being Trans is not something to run from or hide under the word "real".