Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moni's 2010 Women's B-Ball Brackets

I'm going to show the women b-ballers some love as always and continue a TransGriot tradition for the third consecutive year in selecting an NCAA women's tournament bracket.

The UConn women's basketball juggernaut has won 72 consecutive games since they were last beaten in the semifinals of the 2008 NCAA tournament in Tampa by Stanford.

They are only six wins away from becoming the first women's team to complete back to back unbeaten NCAA title runs.

Will UConn be crowned the undefeated queens of NCAA women's basketball in San Antonio? Will there be another Tennessee vs Connecticut hatefest in this tournament? Or will someone pull off the upset for the ages?

I've correctly picked the women's final four teams twice and the eventual champion once in 2008 and 2009. Even though I saw most of their games last year and they had a phenomenal player in Angel McCoughtry, I did miss on Louisville playing in the title game against UConn when I picked Oklahoma.

Let's see if I can make it three for three in picking the NCAA women's Final Four teams that will eventually make it to San Antonio.

Dayton Region

1st Round
Connecticut, Temple, Virginia, Iowa State, St. John's, Florida State, Middle Tennessee, Ohio State

Sweet 16
Connecticut, Iowa State, Florida State, Ohio State

Elite 8
Connecticut, Ohio State

Dayton Region Champion

Memphis Region

1st Round
Tennessee, TCU, Georgetown, Baylor, Texas, W. Virginia, LSU, Duke

Sweet 16
Tennessee, Baylor, W. Virginia, Duke

Elite 8
Tennessee, Duke

Memphis Region Champion

Sacramento Region

1st Round
Stanford, Rutgers, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt, Xavier, North Carolina, Texas A&M

Sweet 16
Stanford, Georgia, Xavier, Texas A&M

Elite 8
Stanford, Texas A&M

Sacramento Region Champion

Kansas City Region

1st Round
Nebraska, UCLA, Michigan State, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Notre Dame

Sweet 16
Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

Elite 8
Nebraska, Notre Dame

Kansas City Region Champion
Notre Dame

Final Four Teams
Connecticut, Tennessee, Stanford, Notre Dame

Championship Game

Connecticut, Stanford

2010 NCAA Champ

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