Thursday, February 10, 2011

Animal Rights Peeps Still Hatin' On Michael Vick

Michael Vick served two years at a Club Fed facility, lost a multimillion dollar contract and a boatload of endorsements, his starting job with the Atlanta Falcons, and that still not enough for the animal rights activists who continue to hate on him for his dogfighting conviction..

Last week they were screaming because the city of Dallas in the runup to Super Bowl Sunday gave him the key to the city.

After they started braying about it, Dallas mayor Tom Leppert, who's rumored to be contemplating a run for the US Senate seat that Kay Bailey Hutchinson will soon be leaving, quickly put out a press release claiming it was awarded without his knowledge.

Yeah right, Tom.

Well, here's something else that those of you who have your hate on for Michael Vick can chew on.   In addition to making the NFC Pro Bowl squad, he was just named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year. 

In addition to becoming a starter and having a banner year, he's about to get another fat contract from the Philadelphia Eagles as a result of it.    I'll also point out that since his release he's starting to get some endorsements and has been a model citizen advising kids not to go down the path he trod.

But does that matter to the animal rights boys and girls?   Nope.

Michael Vick probably wasn't the only NFL player involved in the dog fighting world .    There were allegedly white NFL players involved in the dogfighting world as well.   Vick just happened to be the unfortunate one that got busted and had his name splashed all over the papers.   It makes me wonder if one of those white NFL players had been the one in Michael Vick's cleats, would the sanctimonious animal rights peeps dogging Vick (pardon the pun) have had the same viceral reaction and Hateraid they continue to have for the Eagles QB?   Somehow I doubt it.

So keep doing your all pro thang, Michael.   Play your game and continue to be the role model you have been since you got out, and sooner of later the animal rights peeps will quit hatin'

Or maybe not.

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