Monday, October 22, 2018

You Will Not Erase American Trans People

'Should the self destructive white privilege fueled racist tendencies of white voters prevail on Tuesday, we will be stuck with people who hate us having offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the Justice Department gleefully making policy backed by the federal government that rolls back all the human rights games we have made since Stonewall.'
-TransGriot  November 4, 2016

I have noted since 2014 the disturbing conjoining of the Republican Party, the evilgelicals (mainly the Southern Baptists), TERF's and conservafool media with the goal of making a coordinated attack on the humanity and human rights of trans people.

As I warned before the 2016 election, trans people's humanity and human rights were on the ballot, and if Hillary didn't get elected our next president, it was going to be a problem for our community. 

Some of you dismissed my warnings as 'scare tactics'.  Now I reluctantly get to say 'I told you so' before I dive into what I need to say here.

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I hope it is clear to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the GOP and their allies hate trans you and especially Black trans me.  If you're one of the trans idiots who voted for Trump and still support him, I repeat, you are a sellout to the trans community.   You deserve  every bit of derision and shame we can heap upon you as a trans community sellout because you also voted for you own oppression.

But while venting on the sellouts will only make us temporarily feel good for a minute, when we're done chewing them out, it still won't change the fact that we have for at least another two years a federal government and in some states GOP controlled ones that are gleefully hostile to our trans existence.

The New York Times leaking a memo that details another fresh Trump misadministration attack on the human rights of the American trans community is definitely alarming. 

But as a Black trans person, I shake it off as just another day at the office. As a Black American. I'm used to whiteness and white supremacy trying and mostly failing in their 400+ year quest to attack my people's humanity and human rights.   To borrow Maya Angelou's words, and still we rise.

Yes, our ongoing centuries old human rights fight has seen some spectacular wins and progress for us and some disappointing losses and setbacks.   But as the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr reminds us, "We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope." 

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The bottom line is our trans ancestors and elders have seen worse attacks, and they not only withstood them, they managed to build a movement that we have now taken international.

Yes, we as a community have made tremendous progress.  But it was also inevitable that a conservative backlash would emerge that would attempt to roll back whatever trans rights progress we have made in the United States.

Yes, we see the progress that trans people around the world are making as their nations recognize the human rights and humanity of their trans citizens.  One day the United States will belatedly join them.  But unfortunately that time isn't now. 

So no, take heart in not only the history of my people that we will win, but the history and resilience of the trans community.   No matter how hard the anti-trans haters try, they will not erase American trans people from existence, because frankly, they can't.

They had a better shot of doing so when we were in the closet.  We're not any more and haven't been since February 1953.   Nor are we American trans people going back into the closet.  We are going to fight Republican oppression of us with every fiber of our beings because we must for ourselves and for our trans kids.

That fight starts by firing every politician with an 'R" behind their name on November 6 at all levels of government.   And no, there aren't any 'good Republicans' if they are silent about the persecution of trans people.    It includes trans people running for office.   Then we mark the calendar for November 3, 2020 to get Agent Orange and his reprehensible misadministration out.

That fight also includes building allies.  Calling out our enemies every time they go low and attempt to push disinformation out there about our trans lives.  Educating people.   Drawing strength and comfort from our trans history.   Being our out, proud, amazing and unapologetically trans selves.

It also means that we need funders to get off the sidelines and invest in trans led organizations.  Donation money is also critically needed by POC trans led orgs like Black Trans Advocacy Coalition,  Trans Latina Coalition and others across the nation.

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Dry the tears of our trans kids.  Hug, love on and appreciate our Mama and Papa bears because they are also being viciously attacked by the right wing fake faith based haters in addition to our trans kids. 

Trans allies and trans family. check on the trans people in your lives and envelop them in love.   Listen to our trans elders for advice on what we do to navigate these troubled waters.   Trans adults, do whatever you need to do within reason to calm those rattled nerves,

Trans leaders, our trans younglings and our community constituency are looking to us for leadership, and we must provide it in this moment.

You will not erase American trans people, consevafools.   We will fight you every step of the way when you try to pass unjust laws and anti-trans policies because frankly, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.             

And the thing we have to gain is a better America and a better world for our trans kids.

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