Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Miss Major's Comment About The Trump Trans Madness

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As y'all know, I had something to say about the Trump misadministration making another renewed attempt to enact anti-trans policy to 'protect the nation'.

Really, conservafool?  Is that the lie you're going with this time, Dear Orange Misleader? 

One of the things that never fails to make my day is when I get a check in call from Miss Major.

As my trans elder, she has been through more crap that I have yet to experience, and she's #stillfuckinghere to tell us about it.   She also has been there to call our butt out on crap when we needed it, and give us encouragement  to handle our trans business as well.

So you know Miss major was down for Dolt 45's latest anti trans mess.   Here's what she posted on her Twitter feed about it.

After 70 years I am here to tell you the system has always tried to break us. All us trans girls know we got to depend on each other and when enough of us bitches come together we can 🔥 it down and use the ashes to build the motherfucking mansions we deserve!

Gotta love her.   Looking forward to the next opportunity to spend quality time with you.

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