Tuesday, October 23, 2018

MegaMillions $1.6 Billion Jackpot Drawing Tonight

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As early voting is commencing in several states, the powerball and Megamillions drawings this week are worth a whole lot of life changing money.

The MegaMillions one that draws tonight is worth an all time MegaMillions record  $1.6 billion dollars.   If you take the cash option, it's only worth a measly $905 million.

The Powerball jackpot that draws on Wednesday night is worth $624 million

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Even if you don't play it a lot, if you don't by at least one two dollar ticket, the only thing it guarantees by that non action is that you're NOT going to win the grand prize.  So it's why I'm going to take a chance at it and spend up to $6 maximum to get a few Powerball and MegaMillions tickets.

Yeah yeah,  I know I'll  have better odds of being struck by lightning twice or getting a date with Idris Elba than winning either jackpot, but what if I DO happen to purchase the winning ticket? 

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For starters, I'm taking the cash option instead of the 30 year annuity.   After setting up my niece's college tuition trust fund, and a foundation that will benefit trans folks, may spend a hard cap amount  on some stuff I've always wanted.

The rest of that money would be invested wisely.   And yeah, I'd STILL be writing my blog, but from my own office space.

There is no doubt it would changes my life.  My family, and the trans community would benefit from my bank account getting a few extra zeroes in it.

And all you folks who hated on me before that jackpot win would get to stay in that corner and keep hating afterward.   No new friends, long lost relatives, or relatives who don't speak to me because I'm trans needed or necessary.   If you were ashamed to claim trans me before, frakk y'all afterward. 

But we'll see what happens at 10 PM EDT.   Time to go stand in line at the nearby convenience store and get my tickets.

TransGriot Update:  The winning ticket was sold in South Carolina.  

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