Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Evilgelical Gets Butt Handed To Him On C-SPAN

Tony Perkins listens to a C-SPAN caller castigate him for abandoning Christian values for political power.
Tony Perkins is head of the SPLC-certified evilgelical  (I refuse to call then Christians) hate group the Family Research Council.

They are unabashed supporters of Trump and his racist agenda.  They are also transphobic haters that have been orchestrating along with Mike Pence many of the Trump misadministration anti-trans policies being thankfully (for now) stymied in court. 

Perkins was on C-SPAN recently, and got his behind handed to him on live television by many of the folks who called in to that show.

One particular call came from an self identified ex-evangelical from North Carolina who shamed the conservadevil by calling him and evilgelicals out for basically becoming a cult that worships Trump.

Here's the C-SPAN video footage of that call

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