Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Moni's Arrived in San Francisco!

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The Air Marshal has landed in San Francisco after another cross country flight, this time on Southwest to the Left Coast via Orange County.  

Was a  little bumpy over the El Paso area.  We were flying through the remnants of Hurricane Newton, which made landfall near Los Cabos the other day.  

The other drama I was facing was whether my bag made it.   Due to heavy traffic got to Hobby 40 minutes before my flight departed.   Fortunately I had TSA Pre and I was leaving out of Gate 20.

I exhaled when I saw my bag plop down on the baggage carrousel.   Let's just say that Moni won't be cutting it so close on the return trip home Friday.  

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We got to SFO a little early, and after my BART train ride to the Montgomery St. Station found the hotel.   Had to wait a few moments before my room was ready, but that 19th floor suite was worth the wait.

The Park Central is my homebase until Friday morning, and as you readers know, I'm here for the now sold out GLAAD Gala San Francisco that happens tomorrow to receive an award..

The gala started at 5:30 PM PDT, which means the only way I'll be seeing the Panthers-Broncos game is tby watching the highlights on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Image result for city view at metreonAfter I get a nap in because I've been up since 5 AM CDT to catch my flight out of Hobby, I'll probably explore the area around my hotel.   I can see the City View at Metreon venue for tomorrow night's gala from my 19th floor hotel room and already happily discovered there's a 7 Eleven around the corner.

I'm also hoping to get a chance while I'm here to see some peeps while I'm in the Bay Area.

We'll see how successful that effort is.

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