Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Air Marshal Is Headed To Da Ville!

If you're thinking, "Didn't you just fly off to San Francisco a week ago?" yes I sure did.  But this trip isn't for business, it's a vacation

Yep, I can actually spell that word, and I'm going to spend a week with my homies and homettes in Louisville.   Hey I did promise after my last visit to the city in 2014 that it wouldn't take me four years to come back,

I also think it's apropos that I come back to the city where ten years ago, I founded TransGriot and spent nearly nine years of my life that was critical to my development as an advocate and a person.
And frankly, I wanted to see some of my friends and chosen family here in Da Ville.

Image result for louisville international airport
Assuming my Southwest bird leaves on time out of Hobby and from Midway, I should be stepping off the plane at 3;00 PM EDT, and hopefully will be destroying some Impellizzeri's Pizza before the week is over.,

Looking forward to seeing everyone when I get there

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