Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why I Don't Want Trump's Hands On The Nuke Launch Codes

As a baby boomer, one of the anxiety ridden things I grew up with and pondered almost every day until the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union collapsed was wondering if today was going to be the last day on this planet for me and everyone I cared about because somebody in either superpower did something stupid and triggered World War III.

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And living in Houston, which I suspected had a few Soviet warheads targeted on it because of the ship channel, being a railroad hub, the 200+ refineries in the area, Ellington AFB, several oil company headquarters located here and being at the junctions of I-10 and I-45 didn't lessen that nuclear holocaust anxiety that the Cold War era literature, films like WarGames and the 1983 ABC movie The Day After expressed..

I was five months old when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, and that was considered at the time the closest point the USA and USSR came to launching nukes at each other.

Hearing about false nuke attack alarms on our side in 1979-80  and the Soviet side in October 1983, followed by the Able Archer 83 NATO exercise nearly turning into World War III because of the combination of Reagan's anti-Soviet rhetoric and Soviet leaders believing he would launch a first strike despite the USA's declared 'No First Use' policy only added to my concerns about nuclear annihilation of our planet.

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So when I hear Donald Trump flapping his gums about being willing to use nuclear weapons in Europe or the Middle East, or he wants to be unpredictable with nuclear weapons, that scares the crap out of me and everyone across the planet.   It also brings back all those feelings I and other boomers had prior to the end of the Cold War.

This man is not only unfit to be president and commander in chief of our armed forces, his non-intellectually curious self doesn't need to be anywhere near our nuclear launch codes.

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Donald Trump's already demonstrated thin skin, willful ignorance and alarming to me, our allies and our military establishment's expressed willingness to use nukes and spread them around the globe in hotspots like East Asia definitely disqualifies him to be the person who has to make the decision on whether to use or not use our nuclear arsenal.

And in situations like what happened in 1979-80 in terms of the NORAD false attack alarms, in which you would have had six minutes to determine whether this was a genuine attack or a false alarm, do you think Trump would have the temperament and cool head necessary to handle that situation?    

I don't, and it's why I don't want Trump becoming president and getting his hands anywhere near the nuclear football.  It only ratchets up my determination to do what I can to ensure that Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

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