Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trinity's Asking You To Stop Killing Us

The shock, sadness and anger over another Black trans woman being killed last night in Baltimore is not only affecting us in Black Trans World, but is affecting our trans kids. who are just as fed up and angry about this sadly repetitive and reprehensible situation as their trans elders.

Trinity's mom' DeShanna sent me this pic of her daughter Trinity. who is the young girl like us I mentioned in my speech at the GLAAD Gala last week,   Like many of us she is not happy that many of the trans people being killed share her ethnic background.

#ImAPerson   Yes indeed you are Trinity.   We all are.  Too bad some people refuse to see our pernsonhood and humanity and seek to demonize it.m

More importantly, like the hashtag she has on the sign, it drives home the a simple message and the point that we are not only persons, we are undeniably human.  That's a message that has been lost to the Republican Party, the TERFs and a long list of assorted enemies to transkind who get their jollies from oppressing us.

And the hateful rhetoric they are using to do that has filtered down to the general public. It is fueling anti-trans animus that is leading to increasing numbers of trans women being attacked and sadly murdered, and far too often it is Black trans women taking the brunt of that anti-trans violence.    

And it needs to stop.

Those Black trans women we have lost have been at the hands of other Black people, so Black community, you'r toxic masculinity is killing not only us, but is also resulting the deaths of Black cis women and any kids who don't exhibit heteronormative behavior.

#I'm A Person  #IAmHuman, she is human, all trans people are beautifully human and our #BlackLivesMatter.  

So just stop killing us.

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