Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Po-po's, Stop Killing Black People

One of the things I'm beyond sick and tired of being sick and tired of is turning on the TV to hear of another instance where an unarmed Black person is shot and killed by trigger happy predominately white police officers.

It needs to stop, and we know y''all have the training and capacity to do it, especially when it comes to white criminals.  Y'all took Dylann Roof alive and then fed him on the way to booking him for killing nine Black people at Mother Emanuel church, so why can't they exhibit the same respect for white lives when it comes to unarmed Black citizen just trying to get through their day alive after encountering you?

If you are afraid of Black people, and yeah anti-Blackness and irrational hatred of Black people is a major component of why this is happening..then you don't need to be wearing a police uniform.

Thank you Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler for expressing on The Talk the frustration of  Black Americans over the ongoing slaughter by cop of our people.

And yeah, a cop that shoots an unarmed civilian that is no resisting and doing everything possible to communicate to you they are not a threat to you is a bad cop.

Po-po's stop killing Black people.  Good cops, call out the bad ones, and police departments need to do more to weed out the bad ones and also communicate to their offices that they need to treat Black lives with the same level of reverent restraint they treat white ones or face termination and permanent blocking of your ability to work as a peace officer anywhere in this country...

It's either do that or watch the frustration that Black people have with death by cop boil over into the language of the unheard while singing a certain NWA rap song..

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