Friday, September 23, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- Moni's In Da Ville Again Edition

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Since Sunday I've been visiting my homies and homettes in my adopted hometown of  Louisville, KY for the first time since my Labor Day weekend 2014 visit.

It's been since I stepped off the plane on Sunday a non stop series of visits and chats with my former neighbors and friends in the Kentuckiana area.  

I probably picked up a few pounds after chowing down on my only in Louisville faves like Comfy Cow ice cream (salted caramel), Lee's and Indi's chicken, and the dinners at Jack Fry's, Impellizzeri's and on the Indiana side of the Ohio Buckhead Mountain Grill and New Albany's Gospel Bird later tonight.

The best part of my multi day vacation is getting to hang out with my chosen family up here and seeing the changes like the new Lincoln Bridge downtown, the new pedestrian bridge across the Ohio, the hotels going up, the electric powered downtown circulator bus, the renovations of the airport and convention center and New Lou east of downtown.

I have to leave tomorrow to head back to Houston and the Equality Brunch where I'm receiving another honor., but hopefully it won't take me two years to come back.

Now on to our usual Friday business in which we call out fools besides Donald Trump, who is running away with the 2016 Shut Up Fool of the Year crown.

Let's get to it.  This week''s Shut Up Fool winner is none other than Trump spokessellout Omarosa Manigault, who must have had the wash, set and cranial rinse at the GOP Stepford Salon that Karina Pierson and Stacey Dash had.

She opened he mouth to say that all of Trump's critics would have to 'bow down' to a President Trump.

Not no but hell no will I ever bow down to an POTUS of the United States, and I'm going to do my part ensure he is humiliated once again at the polls on November 8 and we hear the words 'President-elect Hillary Clinton'.

Oh yeah, Omarosa Manigault, Shut Up Fool!

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