Monday, September 12, 2016

12 Year Old Mexican Child Attempts To Stop An Anti-Gay Protest

And it is written in the Bible that a little child shall lead them.

In a protest reminiscent of the 1989 'Tank Man' protest of a lone man stopping a column of tanks headed to Beijing's Tiananmen Square to crush the democracy protests happening there,  a 12 year old Mexican child stood in front of a line of 11,000 people during a march organized in Celaya.

It was in response to President Enrique Pena Nieto's proposed constitutional marriage equality reforms allowing couples in Mexico to marry regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Marriage equality is gaining momentum in Mexico.  It's legal in Mexico City and several of Mexico's 31 states, with legal challenges currently happening across the country.  

The photo was taken by Mexican journalist Manuel Rodriguez, who interviewed the child and asked why he did it..  The child replied, "I have an uncle who is gay, and I hate the hatred."
Sound like a perfectly logical reason to me, and far more in line with the moral arc of the human rights universe, unlike the 11,000 people in Celaya and other cities around the country marching to oppress their fellow Mexican citizens

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