Thursday, September 01, 2016

Jen Richards Speaks About The 'Anything' Movie Controversy

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I've had my say about the current controversy surrounding Matt Bomer and the Anything movie perpetuating the tired and frustrating pattern of cisgender male actors playing trans women and me being fed up with it along with others in Trans World.

And as a reminder, cisgender women playing is not always ideal either.  Some of them are subject to the same transphobic biases that the parent culture has been pushing about trans people and can say some jacked up mess about us as well

But with the controversy about the movie heating up, I linked to a post quoting Jen Richards' Twitter feed and tweet string on that controversy and her thoughts about it when I was compiling my post.

Since Jen has now posted a video adding more clarity on where her thought process was when she wrote that tweet string the other day, I need to post that for you to TransGriot readers to view and ponder.

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