Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Don't Need Your Permission To Have My Humanity Respected

In the latest example of white faux christian conservafool arrogance, a new anti-trans campaign with two white women as spokesmodels is trying to push the message that we trans people need to 'ask them first' before we push policies are are necessary because of their intolerance.

That's mighty white of them to demand that we 'ask them first' for policies that tell them they aren't allowed to disrespect and dehumanize us.

Image result for Trans people matter memeNot no, but hell no to this bull feces .  Trans people are not some late 20th century concept.  #WeExist, and we're tired of your attacks on our humanity that is not up for debate by you, right wing politicians or your loud and wrong pastors.

I didn't need your permission in 1994 when I transitioned and I damned sure don't need it now. Neither am I or anyone else in Trans World is going to beg you to deal with the reality that I and other trans people exist.

As me if I care if you trans oppressors like that or not.  Nor do I care for your extremely flawed interpretation of Scripture that you and other right wing organizations are using to try to mask the stench of your anti-trans hatred and bigotry.

Image result for Trans people matter meme

Trans people are part of the diverse mosaic of human life, and we are perfectly made by and loved by God.  Contemplate that as you read Isaiah 56: 3-6, Matthew 19:12,  Galatians 3:28 at your next Bible study at your right wing hate megachurch.

We are exactly who we say we are.   Why does that scare you so much?

Get it through your skulls that I don't need your permission to have my humanity respected and my constitutional rights as a American citizen protected.

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