Friday, September 16, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- 2016 Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

Yesterday was the start in the US of Hispanic Heritage Month, a month long celebration of the contributions of Latinx and Hispanic Americans to our history, country and our culture.

17% of our country's population have Hispanic or Latinx roots, and the roots of Hispanic Heritage Months go back to 1968.  It begins every year on September 15, which is the independence day of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

During the period that Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated, Mexico (September 16), Chile (September 18) and Belize (September 21) also celebrate their independence days as well.

And here is this year's proclamation from President Obama celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

It's Friday, so you're surfing over here to discover what fool, fools or group of fools are getting called out for this week's Shut Up Fool honors, time to handle that business.

Honorable mention number one is for Kami Mueller, the North Carolina GOP spokeswoman, who released this unhinged and logic free statement after the NCAA yanked seven championship events out of the state because of Hate Bill 2.

Guess she had the wash, set and GOP cranial rinse, too.

Honorable mention number two is Marco Gutierrez, the Latinos For Trump founder who opened mouth and insulted his people once again by saying Hispanics are a primitive and underdeveloped culture'

Really pendejo?  First the taco trucks on every corner comment, and now this?

Honorable mention number three is Lil Wayne.  This kneegrow seems to have not been paying attention to the last eights years and made the ludicrous assertion that racism is over.

Honorable mention number four is Trump supporter David Duke.  The Klansman stated that if Hillary is elected, Black men will be kidnapping white women outside of Walmart and raping white women

Naw dude, the men that are committing that act on the regular outside of our nation's Walmart's overwhelmingly look like you.

Honorable Mention number five is Donald Trump, Jr who one again proves he a chip off his father's bigoted block by invoking Holocaust imagery in a complaint about alleged media favoritism for Hillary Clinton.

Dude seriously?  Miss me with that BS.  You dad has been fawned over and coddled by the media since he first announced he was running while Hillary Clinton has bee attacked by it in a glaring double standard since the 90's

Judge Roper
This week's Shut Up Fool loser winner is  Georgia Superior Court Judge J. David Roper, who abused his judicial power and denied a name change back in June for trans man Andrew Baumert 10 minutes into the hearing.  Roper also reportedly told the trans man to pick a gender neutral name he can live with

The case is being appealed, and Lambda Legal has taken on this case.  How much y'all wanna bet Roper is a Republican?  

The good news is that Roper is retiring in February, but as far as the two trans men he denied name changes to, not soon enough.

Bye trans oppressor and oh yeah, Judge J. David Roper, shut up fool.

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