Thursday, September 15, 2016

Openly Trans Service Member Promoted To Navy Lt. Commander

After fighting for this policy for years, since July 1, transgender members of the US Armed Forces can openly serve in our nation's military.   Ending the ban on trans troops was groundbreaking for the 15,500 trans people who are serving our country and allowed them to focus on just being the best service members they can be and not have to worry if they are going to be tossed out of the service.

It's now two months after that historic announcement, and trans history was recently made when Navy Lt. Commander Blake Dremann became the first open trans service member to be promoted post open service in a ceremony also attended by his parents in the President's Room of the Navy Memorial in Washington DC.

On his promotion stage as he advanced to  Lt. Commander from Lieutenant, everyone was transgender, including the persons who emceed the event in Air Force Major Bryan Fram and the person administering the oath in Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Amanda Simpson,

Simpson herself made history when she in 2010 became the first trans feminine presidential appointee, and is now the highest ranking trans person in the Department of Defense.  

Dremann is used to firsts in his 10 year Navy career.  In 2011 he was one of the first female bodied persons to integrate submarine crews.  He has been deployed 11 times and since 2015 has been stationed inside the Pentagon.

And in his off duty time, Lt Commander Dremann has succeeded Army vet Sue Fulton as president of SPART*A, which has over 500 trans active duty or veteran members.

But as Assistant Secretary Simpson said in her concluding remarks, "Today isn't about firsts.  This ceremony is about following the grand traditions of the United States Navy and the high standards of trust and service and thus specifically, Blake Dremann.   That is why we are all here."

And if we make a little trans history along the way, that's all good, too.

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