Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gender Infinity 2016

Every now and then I do a Houston based event to reminds my Houston homies and homettes that I still live here, this is home and I love every nanosecond of being in the Lone Star State .

One of my fave local events is Gender Infinity.  There are local events that our trans kids, their family members and their parents attend at undisclosed locations around the Houston area so that they can be among other trans people, their trans elders like myself, and supportive allies.

Image result for Gender InfinityOver the last two days the Gender Infinity Conference, has been happening on the University of Houston campus  

It's obviously been doing wonderful work because the Westboro faux faith based haters showed up to protest.   It was met by the Rev Troy Treash, the people of Resurrection MCC church and allies who ensured the Phelps Phamily's special brand of hatred never came close to the UC.and the part of the University of Houston campus where the conference was held.

But enough about the misguided Phelps Phamily.  I spent those two days getting reunited with some peeps not only locally, but seeing Dr. Kelley Winters, our Friday keynote speaker.   It was the first time I'd seen her in the flesh and spent quality time with her in eight years.

And it was ironic script flipping because in 2008, I was the keynote for a gender conference on the University of Colorado campus when she was living there.  Now she's here as the keynote for my  hometown conference.  

I once again got to spend some quality time with Judge Phyllis Frye.  I met the parents of Black trans kids who have made the conscious choice to love their trans kids and not throw them out of their homes. I got to spend quality time with our trans youth as a trans elder.

And even got to bowl a few games (six) at Cougar Lanes during the Family Fun event.Friday night.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Gender Infinity 2016 experience, and looking forward to next year.

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