Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Tamron Hall Practicing Journalism On MSNBC Again

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One of the reasons I love my Lone Star home girl Tamron Hall is because like Joy Reid, hat she practices journalism on her MSNBC show and doesn't let spin slide.

That's a lesson the rest of the media needs to learn and do so quickly in the 62 days left we have left in this campaign.  Call a lie a lie, and don't  let those lies and spin go unchallenged.

The media is not here to be a politician's best bud.  We are here to do the job of getting information voters need to cast informed decisions when they step into the ballot box and hold politicians and others accountable for their BS, not be stenographers to power.

That means at times hard questions need to be asked to get that information, and when the subject tries to spin and obfuscate, you relentlessly keep asking the questions to need the answer to until they do.

The politician needs you to get their message out, not the other way around.

The latest person to learn that lesson the hard way that Tamron's not playing was senior Trump adviser  A.J. Delgado.  She found out quickly that she wasn't on FOX Noise or Caving News Network

This is what real journalism looks like, and what we should have been getting across the board during this entire campaign.

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