Friday, September 02, 2016

Shut Up Fool Awards- H-Town Takeover 2.0 Edition

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Tomorrow afternoon at a sold out NRG Stadium we will see the biggest season opener for a UH Cougar football game probably in decades when my fave college football team takes on the Oklahoma Sooners in thi nationally televised game..

This game is taking place with the backdrop of the Big XII Conference that dissed us during its formation (with UT"s help) now considering the Cougars for membership.  A win over this Big XII title contender would go a long way toward getting our 2016 season off to a strong start and another major New Year's Six Bowl or even if they run the table, the CFA playoff..

We'll see if that happens for the Coogs over the next few months, but what's going to happen today is me calling out some fools.

Honorable mention number one is the unnamed cheerleading coach at Ross S. Sterling High in Baytown, TX who is harassing the only Black cheerleader on the squad over her braids?

Really?  That's so 90's.

Honorable mention number two is Detroit based Bishop Wayne T. Jackson for cooning it up for Trump.

Honorable mention number three to Tim Canova, who in another defeat for the Bernie Revolution got his azz whipped by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tuesday, and petulantly refused to concede.

Honorable mention number four is FOX Noise spokesbigot Brian Kilmeade, who says Colin Kaepernick shout stand for national anthem because 'America gave him two white parents'.

You pointed hood is showing Brian along with your lack of IQ points.

Honorable mention number five is Tomi Lahren, who is auditioning for the vacant fembot spots at FOX Noise with a triple play of racist stupidity.  She opened by opening her mouth to say that Colin Kaepernick's citizenship is 'conditional', should be more grateful because he was adopted by white parents, then said if Kap doesn't like this country, he can leave it.

The 15th Amendment says otherwise about Kap's citizenship.  If you're born here, you're a citizen Miss Thang.  And it because we love and want this country to be better we have Frist Amendment rights to criticize it, and so sick of you conservafools insisting people leave this country if they say stuff y'all don't like.

Honorable mention number six is ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum, who claimed on air that Black people aren't being oppressed in this country.  

Really?   12 year old Black kids are being shot and killed by po-po's, the Republican Party gleefully brags that their voter ID laws are designed to keep Black people from voting, and we aren't being oppressed?

Mike Krawitz, a candidate for West Deptford Township Committee  (Facebook photo).This week's Shut Up Fool Award goes to  New Jersey Republican politician Mike Krawitz.   The Trump supporter wrote a foul comment aimed at Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi that he hopes 'she gets raped by a Syrian refugee'

With such a charming personality, no wonder he has failed multiple times to be elected to the West Deptford Township Committee, and hope he massively fails again this year.

Mike Krawitz, shut up racist and misogynist fool!

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