Monday, September 26, 2016

Trinity's ESSENCE Article

I met Trinity and her mom DeShanna back during this year's Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, and have much love for the Delaware based trans teen who began her transition at age 4.

As she has said to me, she is going to make trans history, and she wasn't kidding.  She recently visited Delaware Governor Jack Markell's (D) office with her family,

An ESSENCE magazine article came out today featuring her story, and I found it amazing since it wasn't that long ago Tracey Norman was shooting her sixth cover for ESSENCE and it was shut down after someone shadily outed her to Susan L Taylor.   Now they have had Laverne Cox on the cover twice, but still have yet to give her a solo one.

I'm talking about that past history in needed to point our just how far ESSENCE has moved on covering trans people in our community since the early 80's. An article about a trans teen in an iconic Black magazine is a big deal.

Twelve year old Trinity tells her story to ESSENCE readers, and said in it she wants to make the world more friendly for trans people.

"I want to tell kids to be themselves and release who they are," said Trinity.  "They don't need to hide all the time.  I had to tell my parents, and they could do the same thing.  I want to change the world by making it much more friendly to trans people."

Here's the link to the ESSENCE article, and thanks Trinity for telling your story in one of our iconic magazines.  I have a feeling it won't be the last interview you do.

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