Friday, September 09, 2016

Shot Up Fool Awards-Moni's Headed Home From GLAAD Gala Edition

As you're reading this week's SUF post, I'm enroute back to the Lone Star State via Denver after last night's GLAAD Gala San Francisco with a nice trophy in my  checked luggage.

It was an amazing event in which I arrived in anonymity but didn't leave that way after my speech.

And once again deep appreciation and thanks for all the lovely comments you left for me on my Facebook page and elsewhere congratulating me for this unexpected honor celebrating TransGriot's ten years of unapologetically speaking truth to power and advancing the human rights of the trans community one blogpost at a time.

It's time to speak more truth to power and call out some fools.  

Honorable mention number one is Mika Brzezinski, for claiming she's hit her breaking point with Donald Trump and his candidacy is not funny any more.

It wasn't funny then when you and your comrade Joe Scarborough fawned over him, gave him softball question after softball question, and basically greased the media skids for him to win the Republican nomination.

Your fauxgressive behind had a chance to shut that down and you failed to do so.

Honorable mention number two is Lena Dunham for once again saying something offensive, apologizing and repeating the offense later.

Honorable mention number three is Matt Lauer, for his piss poor and offensively sexist interview of Democratic presidential nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton during the MSNBC Commander In Chief forum while letting Donald Trump get away with talking loud, lying and saying nothing

Honorable mention number four is North Carolina's soon to be ex GOP governor Pat McCrory,  who keeps doubling down on the twin losing strategies of defending an unjust HB2 bill that has wrecked the state's economy and pimping the anti-trans hatred.

Your SUF loser winner is Tomi Lahren, who aimed her ranting this week at USA women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who has joined Colin Kaepernick in the kneeling national anthem protest .

Tomi Lahren has unkind words for soccer star Megan Rapinoe (Screen cap).While berating Rapinoe on The Blaze, she said that Rapinoe as a lesbian should be grateful that in this country they don't throw her off of buildings like they do in other countries.

But hold up sister, your movement not only wants to pass laws to discriminate against LGBTQ people, but there are people in your conservative ranks who would like to do to us what ISIL is doing to LGBTQ people unfortunate enough to be trapped in the territory they control.

And I do recall some US based evangelist pastor that referred to the LGBTQ community on his TV show as 'termites in need of a godly fumigation"

You should be grateful you have a job where you can spout such idiocy unchallenged on the air.

Oh yeah, Tomi Lahren, shut up fool

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