Monday, September 12, 2016

Phelps Phamily Coming To Houston To Hate

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We already have enough problems with our Lone Star domestic LGBTQ haters in Steve Hotze, Dave Welch, Dave Wilson, Jonathan Saenz, Max Miller, Ken Paxton  and Steve and Becky Riggle.

Now comes word that the Phelps Phamily slithering out of their Westboro Baptist Hate 'Church' hovels to bring their special brand of intolerance to H-town.

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They claim they will be stopping by the Montrose Center and the Gender Infinity Conference being held on the University of Houston campus for unwanted visits on Friday, so let's give them a proper Texas welcome.  

By that, I'm advocating we replicate what Resource Center Dallas did back in 2010 and use their reprehensible appearance in town to fundraise for LGBTQ organizations.

Image result for gender infinity Let's turn this lemon visit into an opportunity to fundraise for Houston LGBTQ orgs. If you wish to show your disdain for the Phelps Phamily, pick an org to benefit from the funds generated by their appearance.

I'd suggest that the beneficiaries of a Houston fiscal based protest of the Phelps Phamily should be Gender Infinity Conference, the Montrose Center or even the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.

Basically, what you do to use your wallets to send a gigantic FU to the Phelpses is c
ount the number of minutes the hatemongering Phelps Phamily are in town, and have peeps donate 50 cents, a dollar or whatever you feel comfortable giving until they bounce and move on to desecrate another locale.

People also have the option of giving a lump sum to the targeted organization instead of a per minute donation before the Phelps Phamily rolls into Houston.

The Phelps Phamily gets pissed when they find out their presence, far from stirring the anger their hatemongering business model requires and craves, is actually raising money for the LGBTQ organizations they are hating on, and it tends to have the beautiful effect of limiting their time in an area they are protesting..

It's a nonviolent way to protest them and creatively use their appearance in town to raise funds for a good LGBTQ cause.   Would also be nice to have the Angel Wings show up.

A group of staff and volunteers from Orlando Shakespeare Theater as well as ​the​ Orlando arts community work together to build "Angel Wings" to block Westboro Baptist Church members protesting the funerals of the Orlando shooting victims. When finished, they will look like this. Pictured: Mourners dressed as angels stand across the street from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church where the funeral service for US District Court Judge John Roll is being held on January 14, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. 

So Houston, lets show our disdain for the Phelps Phamily and piss them off by raising money for these targeted organizations at the same time.

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