Saturday, September 24, 2016

Musing About The DNC 2020 Trans Contingent

Transgender Delegates at the DNC
The 2016 DNC Convention in Philadelphia is over and it was a historic and record breaking one. We had a trans contingent of 27 people from across the country that included two superdelegates.

We had Sarah McBride making a historic address Thursday as the first out trans person to speak at any major party convention

Marisa Richmond was not only attending her third consecutive DNC convention, she also made history when she became the first out trans person to hold the position as the DNC convention official timekeeper.

This 2016 Democratic Convention is fading into the history books as we concentrate on the important business of getting our Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton elected to the Oval Office as our first female POTUS, and have as many Democratic senators and congress members join her in DC as possible.   We also are focused on the mission of getting Democrats elected at all levels of government.

However, it's not too early for us in Trans World to start musing about how we are going to exceed the  27 trans folks that came to Philadelphia when the gavel comes down for the start of the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

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One thiis we definitely need is more diversity in our trans DNC contingent.   That should always be one of the Prime Directive level missions for us.   Another Prime Directive mission for us should be is to have trans federal, state, and local elected officials in our DNC 2020 trans contingent.

As the GOP led attacks on our human rights has made abundantly clear to us, we must have trans people in the committee rooms to write the good laws that affect us and poised to kill the bad ones.

We also need more trans people involved in the DNC and the state and local parties.   I'm proud of Babs Siperstein and Laura Calvo, our two trans superdelegates.  But I want to see more trans people engaged in the Democratic Party apparatus.  

And finally, I not only want more than 27 people in it,  I want geographic diversity at the same time.

Will it happen for us in 2020?  We'll see when they gavel in that 2020 DNC in a host city to be determined.

And FYI DNC, how about holding the 2020 one in Houston?  Tired of the last national party convention that was held here being the odious 1992 one in which Pat Buchanan gave his infamous 'culture war' speech.

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