Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dee Whigham Case Update

Dwanya Hickerson (Photo source: WLOX)
This update in the Dee Whigham case is trigger warning worthy because it is going to discuss just how savage her murder was and how the waste of DNA who killed her deserves to be thrown under the jail, or even get lethal injection for it.

Whigham was found dead in her St Martin, MS hotel room on July 23. and the waste of DNA who allegedly killed Whigham was in court on September 12 as Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Leo Allen described what happened from the witness stand.

The waste of DNA I'm talking about is 20 year old Dwayna Hickerson, who was captured on hotel surveillance video walking into the hotel room with Whigham, then leaving alone 23 minutes later.

According to Allen's testimony. the autopsy report revealed that Whigham was stabbed 119 times, with over 100 of those stab wounds to her face.  Her throat was also slashed three times.

The murder victim, 25-year-old. Dee Whigham was transgender. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Hickerson stole a Coach bag belonging to Whigham along with her cell phone and other personal items. His bloody clothes were found in a dumpster not far from his Keesler Air Force Base barracks, and base surveillance camera captured him throwing a large garbage bag in the trash.

The items stolen from Whigham were found on a beach near Keesler AFB partially burned.

Hickerson has been charged with capital murder in this case, and I will be keeping an eye on developments in it to see if Dee Whigham receives justice.

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